Access Keys NFTs Explanation

Access Keys & NFTs

NFT Special collection to help for the first step

If you are interested in this project, is raising funds for their project through the sale of a first collection called “Access Keys Special NFTs”, which will be available on the Solana platform.
These access keys are 6’000 and are exchangeable NFTs offering several advantages to their holders to thank them for participating in the development of their structure. Among these advantages, you will find :
– Access to the platform’s NFT sales in preview
– The possibility to exchange them for an NFT of the same value from any future collection,
The collection will go on sale by the 19 December 2021 at 8pm (Paris time) to the 26 December 2021 at 8pm (Paris time). To participate, you must join the company’s discord group where you will find all the information, including how to participate in this minting, or the next ones

How Access Keys works ?

Access Keys Bonus

Access Keys Special NFT, are utility NFTs. They could be used as swaps against any future project on the platform, they could be sold on the second market on a partner platform.
But the advantage of holding them is more interesting. This NFT will allow you an early access to every projects, enjoy exclusive benefits on all games related to the platform, and private access in the metaverse of the group.

The next ones ?

Well, yes. The crowdfunding platform will offer NFT collections to investors to validate the transfer of equity funds for the projects presented.
There will be more collections!
Different projects are presented by
Each project offers a certain number of NFTs. These, when acquired, allow you to attach it to your personal account on, allowing you to receive dividends specific to the attached project. The dividends, like all dividend projects, are annual and follow the publication of the project's annual results.
They are then paid out to the attached "shareholder NFTs" holding the project's NFT on a wallet declared on the official website, and having validated the attached KYC process allowing to be in compliance with the legislation in force.
Good to know: It is possible to hold an NFT of the projects, without being registered on the website, which does not entitle you to the annual dividends.
The first collection is attached to the global project.
The next will be made for the projects published on the platform. Some will be internal projects, others external