Crowdfunding Platform

by crowd'equity

The idea of the platform

The idea of the crowdfunding platform is to generalize the possibility to finance one's project through a community using decentralized finance (or DeFI)
And to keep the possibility to get out of the basic investment without asking to be reimbursed, through the transfer of its NFT attached to the project. This way you get liquidity, while allowing the project to continue to evolve.
As a project owner, you find a community that is international in scale, and therefore the centers of interest (or personae) are generally initiated in finance, new technologies, willingness to actively participate in a project or simply being an investor.

What is NFT?

Non Fungible Tokens or NFTs, are non soluble digital assets. It is a digitally created entity attached to a blockchain. This entity holds datagrams that can be read by the blockchain on which it is registered.
When we talk about an unsolvable digital asset, we are talking about a virtual wealth (asset) (digitally inscribed, not material), which cannot be dissolved into multiple parts. Unlike a monetary principle. The monetary principle is a soluble asset, by means of printing or publishing new money.
In the field of blockchain, we speak of mint (from the English language and recalling the process where a new currency is minted in the effigy of the sponsor). It is therefore a matter of minting a new value, a new asset when an NFT is created and deployed on the network.