We chose Solana because the Solana blockchain now has a wide range of dapps. SOL has grown rapidly and the blockchain could take a dominant position in the DeFi sector in the future.
Scalable and efficient, its consensus mechanism (PoH) has reduced the costs of other platforms in terms of transaction time and fees. The SOL blockchain currency can be purchased in the same way as any other crypto asset, but traders can also stake any available or idle SOL funds, and thus earn passive income through interest (Staking).
Solana can process over 50,000 transactions per second (TPS), when others can only process about 15, making transaction times much faster on the Solana blockchain
Solana has not avoided negative publicity; in September 2021, they suffered a denial of service (DoS) attack that caused SOL's price to plummet. They faced adversity and recovered from the embarrassment by providing even more transparency and a more community-friendly solution.
We want to support all blockchains in the future for intelligent data distribution. However, we want to support the Solana network in its growth and it is for their values that we turned to them. Accessibility, transparency, determination
Good to know: The average fee for a transaction on Solana is around $0.0025.