The beginning

There's always a start

The announcement of the platform project

The project announcement is where we wanted to start. Saying hello, introducing ourselves. Pushing open the doors of the saloon.
And this is where it starts. We first create a website, announcing the basis of our project and the broad outlines of the horizon. We start by getting verified by the community by publishing our identity.
We want to be noticed naturally by the community at first. Because our funds are not endless, and the fundraising process for a startup like ours takes time.
We are therefore implementing a lean deployment strategy for the platform. The first objective is to find the funds (from €100K to €1M) to recruit the teams, initiate communication on different media, get certified, and develop the community.
To do this, we have these three possibilities:
  • Access Keys Special NFTs. A collection of Utility tokens that will be a thank you to early adopters, and give them some pretty crazy benefits. The campaign runs from 19 December 2021 to 2 January 2022
  • A donation campaign (will be used to advance the project in a boosted way on the communication and development campaign of the platform). The donation campaign will start on January 3, 2022 and end on February 1, 2022
  • A launch of the first equity crowdfunding collection, specific to the platform: the Alpha World Collection Cards. The announcement of the mintage of this collection will be made directly on Discord and Twitter, so subscribe
Once the announcement is made, we need to start creating materials to explain our project, our direction, the structure. Where we are going and why we are going there. (This is the purpose of this Wiki)

Our first candy machines

On Solana, the smart contracts that allow us to manage the sale of NFT's are done through candymachines. This is a framework that allows to facilitate the management of the distribution, while securing the transaction of money (Sol) and Non Fungible Tokens.
It so happens that we had planned a launch on December 19th for the whitelisted, and that an unexpected event is always a good omen for this type of situation! The technical team is tested in the middle of a storm where everyone tries to get an NFT from the candymachine.
Then a lot of messages come in saying that there is a bug and that it is impossible to mine Access Keys.

The failures make the experience

We have rebuilt all our candy machines by analyzing the issues that caused the bug. And so the upload of Vanilla Access Keys and Premium Access Keys candymachines turned out to be successful! To the great relief of our technical team's liver!

Getting known

It was then a matter of getting known. We received support from a community of investors: the Furious Alpha Gym Club. Their founder teaches the basics of the blockchain field and explains how this technology can change everyone's life on a daily basis.
The first step to become known was here, followed by an article in Cointribune explaining the broad lines of our project. We coupled this with three contests to win Access Keys Vanilla and Premium and that's how we collected our first two hundred subscribers on the twitter and Discord.
But what subscribers! Almost all of them are aware of the scope of this project, and that's why we are happy.
We are starting to get more and more people on the Discord server, and that is what we want. The community that settles there is the center of our communication. Thank you for being here
What's next?