The story behind

At the beginning is a French startup resulting from the experience and ambition of three IT specialists. The objective is simple: to create a bridge between project holders in the gaming, tech and metaverse sectors on the one hand, and investors in the cryptoassets sector on the other. In what format? A crowdfunding platform through NFT collections.
Good to know: We were originally just looking for a way to finance the Bio World Universe video game project. But faced with the complexity of the financing market, we decided to broaden our horizon

The story

Do you know about evolution ?

During their working days, François (aka Franlou) would often talk to Jonathan (aka Deltanaute) and Jordan (aka qZzQ) about his progress on experimental work on random environments in video games. They worked together and their breaks were filled with ideas as they could be.
This has remained a common thread in the exchanges ever since, among other topics such as the freedom offered by blockchain, and the potential of new technologies nowadays, the need to work in a holy and transparent environment.

COVID19 and its consequences

The health situation creates situations that require our species to adapt, to evolve. We seek to move forward in the face of adversity. The digital world is one thing, but the dematerialised world is definitely taking over our daily lives.
The trio has seen this first hand in dematerialised meetings, the rise of 3D spaces where people meet for meetings, trade fairs, learning and so on. Not to mention, of course, the traditional online gaming spaces. All this requires technology after all.
The truth is that the trio is not satisfied with what exists today. Considering then as embryonic the tools we use for this.

Anti-café and decision

A day in a shared office in Strasbourg. Sugar diluted in coffee. Deltanaute observes the latest developments in Franlou's Bio World Universe game. Narrative evolution, digital DNA, unique self-generated entity. The elements being developed are magical! And if we develop our platform?
A platform that will allow us to finance the fundraising to create a team that will allow us to move on to the 3D phase of the game and make it accessible to all. The trio got together and with everyone's passions and life projects, the idea that the platform should be extended to all new technologies was not in doubt.

Crowdfunding? What an idea!

A platform of course, but not just anything, nor just anywhere... It is intended to be accessible to all. A participatory financing platform allowing any project leader in new technologies to finance his or her project through a community that will support him or her.
A crowdfunding platform, which will look for its investors and which will validate the participation in the financing by sending a unique and numbered NFT. An encrypted asset that will allow its holder to receive rights on the profits generated by the project holder via dividends! That's fairer! After all, the investor believes in the project, he is in the same boat as the project owner! This common strength allows us to go further!
The die is cast

Destination: metaverse

Yes, each project will require a dedicated project manager and close monitoring to provide visibility to the entire investor community. And then there is the advantage of web 3.0 certifying the authenticity of the NFT holder of the project collection. And ... the platform project is taking shape. has its skeleton, its DNA.
Coming back to the origin, what about the platform's preferred fields? Gaming, tech & metaverse. Bio World Universe lays the technological foundations of P2E NFT gaming with self-generation of entities and their evolution. The trio has decided that the Unreal Engine v5 will be used. It will be accessible in multiplatform and free of charge! It will be possible to buy plots of land and make entities evolve there, or even go farming in unexplored areas.
Plots of land? Hmmm it would be nice to see them directly in a persistent universe and accessible at any time, from anywhere. Why not explore the possibility of integrating it into a metaverse incorporating DNA evolution technology. To allow everything that can be done digitally, all in a constantly evolving universe developed by the various brands that will be able to find their space there. Thus was born Anzoe, put forward by qZzQ, the desired metaverse 2.0 in an evolved, simple and malleable form.

An ambitious bet

An ambitious gamble, which depends as much on the hard work of the teams as on the strength of the community's support. The founding trio is dedicating their strength and energy to making this project possible through several stages, and by working in a lean manner. Each step is a success. At each stage, we need your support.
Good to know: Anzoe is a compression of qZzQ kids name.

Codes and Communication

At least it works !

How many times have we heard this phrase! At least it works!
The fruit of achievement, the fruit of labour. Hours of dedication to a job, to achieve a result. Doing, redoing, starting again, being wrong, starting again.
The trio's work over the last ten years has been composed of nothing but this phrase. Coming from the school of effort and continuous learning, it is not a question of saying that the best diplomas provide the solution to everything.
The experience gained in the field leads us further than we thought possible, because we do not limit ourselves to those of our mentors.
Here is what the founders of are made of
Years of working in IT, project management, IT solution deployment, building trust, creating solutions.

Putting this experience to good use builds its platform to be easy to use, simple to understand for someone who knows crypto assets as well as those who are not familiar with it.
Those who join, as well as those who make up the company today, are at the service of the community, through experience now or in the process of being acquired. For even if some answers have already been found, many still remain unanswered, and this is where you will find us. Looking for a way to get them.

New technologies

It is an incredible feeling to enable a project leader to find the right shoe, to find a community, to find funders who believe in their project! The support of a community is essential, as is the support that can be found there.
New technologies are often the fruit of the reflection of a number of passionate inventors, who are sometimes in large companies, and sometimes in garages, far from the gaze of everyone.
And the project leaders, who have a precise idea of what they want to do, and how to move forward with their innovation, where do they go to find answers? Traditional institutions sometimes do not have the interface to understand the real issues of the project. It is therefore necessary to find insiders or partners who will be able to help, both financially and strategically.'s ambition is to create a neural network of companies and projects in the same technical field, with the aim of maximising the use of these innovations for the benefit of all, by pooling their use within the same network. Imagine the field of possibilities.

It is mathematical

To have the possibility of getting there, you need a first step. The first step here begins at the end of 2021 with the launch of a first collection of NFTs: the Access Keys special NFT. A crypto asset that can be swapped against any NFT collection featured in the platform in the future, and entitling you to benefits on the platform such as early access to collection sales.
This first step is essential, and it cannot be done without a strong community, understanding the stakes and the horizon of the project.
So thank you for joining us, because the further we go, the more projects will be funded by and the more projects are funded, the bigger the network becomes, allowing for an acceleration of innovation and an interconnection of the latter.