What is wants to create a bridge between the financial contribution of project owners and the bonuses of crowdfunding for the buyers and holders of NFTs linked to these projects.

Why ?

If we are all familiar with the system of crowdfunding platforms, we can understand that it is generally a question of participation in the form of a donation, in exchange for project-specific rewards, or in exchange for a share in the project. Thus, the platforms are becoming an alternative means of financing projects for product launches, business development, and structure creation.
Few companies are aware of the available funding space present in the cryptoasset sector, and more specifically in NFTs. Many are afraid of it, and rightly so, due to the high price volatility of certain assets, thus bringing a blur whenever the word crypto is uttered in a conversation.

How ? builds an offer allowing companies, engineers, project holders, to find financing, by putting on sale a collection of NFTs representative of each project. The particularities of the latter depend on the needs in terms of funds. Thus the collection will be declined on a precise number of specimen with, like all collections, elements of rarity. These collections, once in circulation, will be available on the second market via NFT marketplaces like Solanart and Magic Eden are on the Solana network or Opensea on the Ethereum network.
After the sale, returns the funds in exchange for a share in the project, thus providing two guarantees. The first is to provide project owners with support throughout the project’s implementation and development (legal, marketing, communication, business, etc.). The second guarantee is that the annual results of the project will be published publicly and that dividends will be paid out to the holders of the attached NFTs.

Let's get graphical !